It's extremely important to me to try to remain present in the industry. I try to do this by staying current, active and conveying my expertise. A few of these are as simple as following Youtubers like Jason Weiman, listening to the Easy Allies podcast or reading blogs. Others require a bit more effort like doing a new tutorial on Udemy,  answering peoples question on forums, stay engaged on different discord channels like or the CnC modding den



     Each year my school gets a limited amount of tickets for students to attend MDEV in Madison.I was lucky enough to receive one of those tickets from an essay I wrote.

    For those that aren't aware, MDEV is basically like a mini GDC in Madison WI. Some Studios that attended this year were Bethesda, Lost Boys Interactive, Raven Software, PerBlue and Filament .

     I had an absolute blast at this event, the talks were interesting, the people were amazing and the indie games were sweet.

      My highlight was being completely blown away by Nika Nour's exit speech.It was hands down the most engaging speech I've ever heard live. If you haven't heard of Nika you gotta check her out.



I always try to give back and share what I've learned, because I'm extremely grateful for those who did so before me, allowing me to get my start.

I was a moderator for a period of time on and remain active despite most modding discussion moving to discord servers like the CnC Modding Den where you can find me regularly.


IGDA Member


As soon as I got to Stout I joined the International Game Developer Club here on campus. We have weekly meetings that are put on by fellow members. These meetings range from presentations and tutorials , talks about whats going on in the industry, preparing for game jams and playing games together.



SGX is an end of semester game showcase put on by UW Stout where students present and play each others recent class/Indie games.