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I've had the privilege testing a few games in beta and alpha states, these roles providing mostly written , but sometimes verbal feedback ranging from bugs, analysis, annoyances and overall fun.

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Beta Tester (CA)


I've done a fair amount of alpha/beta testing for Creative Assembly. The majority of testing has been for the Total War Franchise, although there have been some other titles as well. 

This work includes providing detailed gameplay, balance and tuning feedback as an experienced player of the genre. This feedback is usually written and requires attaching relevant save games, screenshots, replays and PC specs required to help reproduce the error in question. 

I had to leave this position [on good terms] because of conflicts with my NDA and starting my own game studio.

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Neolithic: First City-States

      Neolithic is a Historical Strategy Game heavily influenced by games such as Age of Empires I, Civilization & Caesar III. The game includes aspects of city building, RTS-like gameplay and character progression. 

      This type of game is right up my alley so I reached out to full time solo-dev Alex Harvey in March of 2019 and was able to provide some targeted feedback via play testing for the project.

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