About Me

"I really enjoy bridging the gap between real life and game mechanics"

My portfolio may make me look like a generalist- and that's true to some extent out of necessity and interest across many aspects of game development.

Every student and indie project I have been on, I've been the lead. This has given me a ton of responsibility and never quite the opportunity to specialize as much as I would like to. If given the chance I would love to expand my career as a AAA designer or Unity gameplay programmer.

I am confident and interested in either role, and because of my generalist knowledge I can be a great liaison between the other disciplines.




C#, Lua, Java, JavaScript

Game Engines


3Ds Max

Skinning / Rigging

Image Editing

Photoshop, Gimp

Video Editing

Sony Vegas, After Effects, Final Cut

Source Control

Git , SVN

Database Management


Development Cycles