For every project I have been on thus far I have always been the lead, and stepped into many roles. Since starting my own studio in 2021 I've grown from managing smaller teams of 2-5 to larger teams of 15+. I am also constantly managing a minimum of 2 projects at once. With my own company I have also gained a lot of experience with negotiating, bidding and filling out contracts.

I feel like inadvertently I've gained a lot of experience as a producer and could see myself stepping into this role at some point.


Project Management

Start Infinity

The project management tool I've completely fallen in love with is called Start Infinity. I like to describe it as the perfect mix between Trello and Jira, but its so much more.

I enjoy this tool so much that I could see myself fitting into a full time project management role.


The biggest selling point is the amount of customization and freedom you have . It's been the absolute best out of any tool I've tried.


Im so bullish on this tool that I couldn't help but reach out to their marketing department to get a second account as a free trial to use to show my university . It is my hope that Stout decides to integrate this into the senior game development course.

Because if this I have an affiliate link. I can't say enough good things about this start infinity, plus the limited life time membership deal is insane.

If you're interested check it out.