I like to describe how I approach game play design as skeuomorphic but for game mechanics, its like gamification that works intuitively in both the game world and real world. 

You'll see through out my designs on multiple titles that I feel the urge to tether game play mechanics to the real world. This is why I'm drawn to strategy games because there is so much room for designing cool system that interact in this manner.

     You'll see most of my designs make everything more dynamic, mostly making trade offs where the player must take a bonus with a malice. This is one of my favorite design styles. Always having a cost associated with a potential gain makes the players choice carry more weight,
and with that added weight the player is able to build more structured heuristics about the game and his/her choices in it. It also makes the game harder to put down as the they anticipate the desire to see how their choice pays off down the road - feeding that "just one more turn" addiction.

      I am also well aware that this style can lead to a potential pit fall of the player being over whelmed with too much information or too many choices,that's where my strength with my own made up definition of skeuomorphic game play designs comes into play. When the whole system is intuitive, you can layer in these added weights in a way that is not overwhelming. 


A Game vs an Activity

Meaningful decisions are what make the difference


Principles I'm Passionate About

Player Agency

Broad, but generally the most core concept I try to keep high.

Decision Value vs Utility

Game decisions can have a static value but dynamic utility based on current heuristics

What Makes A Choice Interesting?

Significance, drama, ROI, options, comparative evaluation, subjective estimation, objective calculation, again heuristics

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Not all gamers have the same physical capacity or identity roles.


Regret, Repeal, Repercussions, Resillence

Differences between

Uncertainty, luck and randomness



Lately I've started to transition from writing design docs to creating Milanote boards.

That said, all my most recent / newest work is on Milanote which doesn't translate well to a portfolio site.


Design Docs

Royal Rodents Design Doc

Hat HighRise Design Doc

Skill Trees Design Doc

Battlefield Design

Corporate Ladder Proposal

Lineage II Custom Currency

Lineage II Custom Features

Scripted Timeline

2D Combat Conception

NG: Will (Battle AP)

NG: Tactical Mode

NG : Campaign Loop

NG: Next Battle Menu

NG: Stat System

NG: Skill System

NG: Battle Loop


See some core concepts I learned from making analog games.